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Hello. I am Leonard Oliver. I am a teacher in Anzac, Alberta though I am from Harbour Grace, Newfoundland. Currently I reside in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

I am the father of two boys, Zachary and Devin. I am also the stepfather of two young adults, Alex and Timothy.

I owe my friend, Angelique for editing the Soul and Rex.

I hope you enjoy my stories.

Email me at leonard.oliver1972@hotmaill.com

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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest

A copy of The Soul has been sent to Amazon. I have my fingers crossed. With over 10,000 possible contestants, the odds are a longshot. Slowing down a bit on my edit. Work keeps getting in the way. I always listen to my writing as I edit so I take my time. Ideas for the third book keep coming. The prologue is near done and it will involve some old foes and their first encounter with...... Well I guess you will have to wait.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

January 16th

Just an update for those who are hungering for the sequel to The Soul.  I am almost finished my second edit.  I hope to have it uploaded by the end of February.  I have started the third part of the trilogy.  Here is a teaser for the second part, Draconian Council, it begins in Bell Island Newfoundland.

Here is the cover

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