Who Am I?


Hello. I am Leonard Oliver. I am a teacher in Anzac, Alberta though I am from Harbour Grace, Newfoundland. Currently I reside in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

I am the father of two boys, Zachary and Devin. I am also the stepfather of two young adults, Alex and Timothy.

I owe my friend, Angelique for editing the Soul and Rex.

I hope you enjoy my stories.

Email me at leonard.oliver1972@hotmaill.com

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Thursday, 30 January 2014


Sorry no info in a while.

I have been busy at work.  I have completed my fourth novel but have found out that self publishing has its drawbacks.  When you self publish, publishers are less willing to consider titles that are already out there.  That is understandable.

My fourth novel Easton's Boy has been sent to a publisher in Newfoundland.  It is the story of a young teenage boy who is adopted into the life of a pirate by Peter Easton.

My fifth novel and sixth one are in the works.  One is a techo horror based on social media.  The other is one that is about a group of friends who are lost on ice flows off of Harbour Grace.


Saturday, 8 June 2013

Novel number 4

Working on my fourth and fifth novel at the same time.  

The Soul3 will be the end of the trilogy with Jaxon Harrison dealing with his indirectly causing the Illuminati to create their own civil war.  Friend faces friend as foes choose who to side with.  How does the Book of Enoch and the Book of Peter tie to the Annukki?  Can the three races that call Earth home prepare for their possible extinction from the coming Darkness?

The other is a result of a challenge given to me by a fellow writer; can you write a historical fiction?  I am 10,000 words into Peter's Boy. Not much to say other than it it linked to a member of Peter Easton's crew on the Happy Adventure.  The founder of my home town, Peter Eason was a pirate from the early 1600's in Harbour Grace Newfoundland.  I will have more to say later.  Take care!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Draconian Council is released

Good news and bad new.  Bad news is that I have Strep throat.  Hurts like hell.  Good news is I finally finished my editing of the first edition of Draconian Council.  It is on Smashwords right now and I will be working on getting it on Ibooks and everywhere else.  Enjoy.

Now to work on Book 3 and another project.  Email me your opinions please.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Draconian Council Update

I hope to have the second part of the Soul up in the next week or two, fingers crossed.  Then I will be taking my time on the third part.  I really want to start one of two ideas: one dealing with time travel or a techno-horror.   Will keep things posted.

Thursday, 4 April 2013


Due to family issues, I am a little behind on the Draconian Council.  My final edit is only half done.  For those checking back, I'm sure the next part of  Jaxon's story is well worth the wait.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Putting the last few nails in the coffin.   I like to hear my stories read to me as a final edit.  Soon I will be able to share Draconian Council with everyone.  

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Right now I am participating in Smashbooks' Free Book Week.  Get a chance to get both my books for free.  With the second part of the Soul almost ready to be released, it could be your chance to get your teeth into the series.

The free promotion runds from March 3rd to the 9th.